Price list & Links to virtual tours on Google, photo albums on OneDrive

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Outline of the rate plan (price list) for 2016 (in Croatian). VAT included, tourist taxes not included (about 1.08 EUR per adult person per day and 0.60 EUR per child 6-12 yr per day). Rents of caravan pitch (in the camp) and caravan parking space (in the basic camper stop) are 3 EUR higher than corresponding rents for minicampers.

This is the still rather rudimentary WordPress website of the recently opened agritourism-type camp Marušina Olive Hills.  (See further down the textual description of the campsite for the basic info).

In this (standard) format of Word Press all  photos, scans (e.g. price lists) and web reservation system modules are presented in a rather low (almost thumbnail)  resolution.  However, it suffices to click once on any of these items to get its full resolution (and then to just hit the browser back button to switch back to the overview mode).

BORIS 15 5 10 016 (2) IMG_1143 (2)on this page to obtain the high-resolution version thereof.

In order to get a feel for  the spatial configuration of the campsite, as well as a reasonably suggestive visual presentation of our accommodation units (tent pitches, cottages and huts), please follow the links below to three VIRTUAL TOURS  on GoogleMaps website:

  1. main area with olive garden cottage,  the three dining pavilions, summer kitchen, reception  and the  restroom facilities (you can ‘enter’ both rooms of the cottage)

2.  huts (the tour connects and enters them)

3. several tent pitches in centre


In order to see an ONLINE ALBUM of several dozen of photos (downloadable even in very high resolution) of the campsite, please click on the link below. The album is being constantly updated as more photos showing tents scattered over the campsite become available.!23300&authkey=!ANRRkD3c9YujZhg&ithint=folder%2cjpgAIC

The first photos of the new ‘HIGHLAND MARUSINA’ part of the campsite, which is still under construction, form ANOTHER ONLINE ALBUM with the following link:!23545&authkey=!AEpIwOSBgnUd-C4&ithint=folder%2cjpg

This highland part has even more beautiful panoramas, and several large terraces (plateaus) which are ideal for minicampers, caravans and YEARLY (OR LUMP SUM, PAUŠAL, PAVŠAL) CONTRACTS.  (It is less ideal for tents due to lack of shade. Although it is adjacent to the lower part, it has its own restroom facilities.)


Marušina Olive Hills offers both the tranquility of a Mediterranean arboretum amidst olive gardens and the immediate vicinity of the popular resort town of Punat. The latter is known for a 7 km long stretch of breathtaking coastline from just outside of the picturesque Puntarska Draga Bay (Bay of Punat) to the small remote village of Stara Baška.

Although the campsite is only 250 m away from the shoreline, its 60 m elevation above the sea level results in a beautiful panorama of the Bay of Punat with a view of the islet of Košljun in its center and even the Franciscan monastery hidden in the carefully cultivated grove on the islet.

The nearest beach (with a wakeboard and a diving school) is 700 m away, while the main beach of Punat and the extraordinarily beautiful beaches outside the Bay of Punat are at a 5 minute ride from the campsite.ideal

The accommodation offered on the camping ground is primarily for tents and minicampers, but  there is also a limited number of caravan pitches (especially in low season and for annual contracts).

Among the locally produced specialties offered to the guests are sheep cheese, prosciutto, fine wines and, of course, olive oil.

The increasingly popular hiking and rock-climbing area of the karstic southern Krk is at just a brief hike or ride by car from the camp. The most striking features of this dazzlingly white limestone area are the vivid colors and the sheer quantity of light so characteristic of the extreme karst of some of the Northern Adriatic islands.

The historical cities of Krk and Vrbnik with their rich cultural heritage and gastronomy are a short distance (5 km and 7 km, respectively) away.